How to hire someone specialized in sex when you travel

Hiring someone specialized in sex when you travel will ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch. It will also minimize the drama if you do your research and set the right tone from the start.

It is never a good idea to insult your potential hired third or to play hard to get. Doing so may cause them to decline a booking or even blacklist you.

Do Your Research

Civilians tend to imagine that the world of sex is a free-for-all with no limits, but it’s important to remember that sex workers set their own rules. Some might screen strictly, or only offer one type of sex. Trying to wheedle them into offering you more than what they’re advertising may result in them declining to see you again or blacklisting you (time-wasters are universally reviled among providers). If they do say no, respect their boundaries. It’s the only way to keep your experience positive. Don’t email them without a clear intention to book. It will only make them annoyed and resent you.

Be Flexible

Even if you do all of your research correctly, you may wind up hiring someone who doesn’t offer exactly what you need. The trick is to find a sex worker who is flexible and accommodating enough to have fun with your situation, but also firm enough to set boundaries that will protect them. For instance, trying to circumvent a screener’s rules on giving out your legal name or accepting nosy questions about personal life will be counterproductive at best and probably result in the sex worker declining your repeat business or blacklisting you at worst. That’s time wasted on your part and drama for them.

Be Prepared

It’s important to remember that a sex worker isn’t there for you because of her affection for you or her desire for you. She’s there because it’s her job. Doing boorish things like interrogating her about her personal life or insisting she give you a dozen orgasms is not a good way to make the connection you need to have an enjoyable session with her.

It’s also important to respect a sex worker’s stated boundaries and rules. Trying to avoid giving them your real name or ignoring their screening requirements is a surefire way to waste time (the cardinal sin of the industry) and get on her bad side. This can lead to them declining repeat business or even blacklisting you. A little common sense and empathy can go a long way when you hire someone to help with your sexual needs while traveling.

Open Dialogue

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Be open about your feelings, concerns, and boundaries. Encourage your partner to share their experiences and feelings too. This can help in establishing trust and avoiding misunderstandings.

Educate Yourself

Before diving into the relationship, make an effort to understand the sex industry and the specific nature of your partner’s work. Avoid making assumptions or relying on stereotypes. Remember, sex work is a job, and your partner’s professional life is distinct from their personal feelings and attachments.

Dating a sex worker is, in many ways, like dating anyone else. The foundation should always be mutual respect, trust, and open communication. Recognize the unique challenges such a relationship might pose and be prepared to address them together. By understanding and appreciating your partner’s profession while maintaining healthy boundaries, you can cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.